Mantras Workshop

Sat Feb 17th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Main Studio

julia photo

FEE: $30/person


Mantras are “sound tools” used to move energy by stimulating the nervous system. They are thought of as the sounds of the Universe and the echoes of Yogis before us. Kriyas are purifying techniques that incorporating poses, breathing, and visualizations for a specific outcome, based on the idea that we can use prana (vital force) to clear any physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual blocks that stop us from experiencing conscious awareness. This workshop will focus on a Mantra and incorporate the Kriyas that illuminate the essence of that particular Mantra. There will be less emphasis on the poses and more attention given to breathing, chanting, and meditation.



  • Julia:  After 15 years of yoga practice, Julia Ruocco journeyed to India to train in the Ashtanga lineage. This was the start of her teaching path which began in 2009. Since then she has studied Core Strength Vinyasa training as well as Advanced Anatomy and Ayurveda. She is currently pursuing a 300hr ParaYoga Master Training. With over 3000 teaching hours Julia continues to share what she finds to be the most important aspect of teaching yoga: sharing the knowledge of the sacred lineage in a safe, accessible, challenging, and sometimes silly way.