Gratitude: Insights from the Bhakti Yoga Tradition

Sat Apr 14th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Main Studio

chaitanya photoOffered by donation.


Join monk, author, and seasoned Bhakti Yoga teacher Chaitanya Charan in an insightful exploration of gratitude. What is gratitude and how can we infuse our lives with it? What is the connection between mindfulness, gratitude, and spirituality? With wisdom and humor, Chaitanya will guide us on a journey from a superficial understanding to a deeper appreciation of gratitude as a radical state of awareness. His presentation will encourage reflection and discussion in an open-minded and heart-centered setting.





  • Chaitanya:  Chaitanya Charan, a student of renowned Bhakti Yoga master Radhanath Swami, is the author of more than 15 acclaimed books on spirituality and yoga philosophy. He is also the founder of, where he offers daily inspirational reflections. Based in Mumbai, India, Chaitanya travels globally to teach workshops in yoga studios, universities, and the corporate sector. His presentations draw from the wisdom teachings of India's venerable Krishna Bhakti tradition, while seeking to share universal themes in a rational, relevant, non-sectarian voice.