Numerological Meaning of November

no. 11 on a green shingle

The month of November (archetype of #11) of this year will give us an opportunity to reconnect with aspects of our lives which genuinely inspire us. It is meant to help us establish a personal vision of how our future is to unfold, including intuitive recognition of the areas in which we are meant to transform and grow, other areas in which we are meant to heal and nourish ourselves, and yet other areas which we are meant to say goodbye to and let go of. Tapping into those internal messages which carry the highest vibration of integrity and inspiration will reorient our lives in the direction of external success and prosperity (November’s heart number, as well as the overall theme of this year, is #8 – archetype of material success and healing). While we go through this, remember to use your inner power wisely (November’s base #10). Do enable your brave, strong, and radiant leadership side, but don’t over do it by becoming stressed, obsessed and too controlling.