Home is Where … by Jordan Faigen

wooden letters home with a heart







Two weeks ago my fiance matched for his residency, revealing a new West Coast location where we will create our next home together. This is not the first time I have lived on the West Coast. Nor has America been the only country I have called home.

I lived in Boston during my college years, San Francisco during my first exposure to “the real world” years and Israel during the “I never thought I would live here but I’m up for the adventure” years.

All of these locations have challenged me, grounded me, and have become an essential part of me. Whenever I visit any of these places I think of it as a homecoming. And no matter where I am, I always carry a piece of these homes with me. 

Throughout all of my moving I have learned that:

Home is where…

you never feel alone,

laughing is the native language,

you always have a shoulder to lean on,

mom tends to be right,

you can be yourself,

and, home is where love is created and shared.