16 Ways to Make a Fresh, Bright Start to 2016 by Gemma Farrell

16 Ways to Make a Fresh, Bright Start to 2016


  1. Touch your experience with your full presence. Cultivate awareness.
  2. Feel the freshness of nature. Cultivate appreciation.
  3. Look for the beauty within and around you. Cultivate wonder.
  4. Love the people who have been put on your path. Cultivate openheartedness.
  5. Play with uncertainty and let life surprise you. Cultivate freedom.
  6. Move your body and discover its inner landscape. Cultivate curiosity.
  7. Listen to the voice of truth within. Cultivate wisdom.
  8. Learn to embrace your imperfections and watch how that makes you more tolerant of others. Cultivate acceptance.
  9. Speak in a way that promotes peace. Cultivate gentleness.
  10. Let go into the newness of each moment. Cultivate courage.
  11. Stretch your body, mind, and heart and see how expansive you can be. Cultivate flexibility.
  12. Stay with your emotions as they arise, even when you want to run away. Cultivate patience.
  13. See beyond what feels broken inside and know that you are already whole. Cultivate trust.
  14. Focus on what you already have. Cultivate gratitude.
  15. Nurture the desire to serve something bigger than you. Cultivate devotion.
  16. Hold yourself with tenderness and lovingkindness. Cultivate compassion.